Disney celebrates 50 spooky years of Haunted Mansion at D23 Expo

ANAHEIM, Calif. -- On August 9, the iconic Haunted Mansion celebrated 50 years of happy haunts at Disneyland. Fans helped ring in the 50th anniversary at the D23 Expo.

"The Haunted Mansion brings in a different kind of Disney fan," said Kevin Lively, who produced and hosted a Haunted Mansion panel at the D23 Expo. "The Haunted Mansion allows them to have their Disney fandom but also be able to express themselves in something that might be a little more personal."

According to Lively, Haunted Mansion has a cult following.

"There's just something so cool to me about how it's like simultaneously beautiful but also kind of terrifying," said Emma, dressed up as the Black Widow Bride. "I love how it's almost a piece of Disneyland history because it is so old."

Although Disney has evolved over the last 50 years, Lively said the Haunted Mansion stays true to Walt Disney's original intent of "grim and grinning."

"If we have an opportunity to add something, like technology, of course we're going to embrace it to 'plus' our show, as Walt would say," said Lively. "The Haunted Mansion, though around for 50 years, hasn't changed that much. It has only gotten better."
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