Happy Place pop-up experience at L.A. Live

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- In today's fast-paced world, we could all use a time-out to take in a few moments of happiness. In L.A., you just follow the winky guy logo to Happy Place, a massive pop-up experience at the event deck at Downtown's L.A. Live, which is filled with larger-than-life installations, multi-sensory immersive rooms and dozens of moments designed to capture your "happy."

"We're living in challenging times. I'm a father of three boys that age from five to eleven years old. I try to do positive things with my children, but it's tough to explain the world we're living in," said Jared Paul, founder of Happy Place.

"When people cross the threshold of Happy Place, they see our 10 foot inflatable dog in the lobby and our neon winky guy mascot who's winking at you, and they have nothing to do but take a minute, whatever might be troubling you or on your mind, and just leave it at the door and make yourself happy."

Happy Place features 13 themed rooms that engage all of the senses. Guests are encouraged to interact and bring out their inner child.

"You get a chance to visit every single room and smell, touch, taste, play," said Paul. "You get to go into a confetti dome, make confetti angels. We have an upside-down room, a flower room, jump into the pot of happiness. Have a rainbow grilled cheese and unicorn ice cream sundae. If you've got young children, it's a giant playground for them too."

This unique escape from reality is also great for a night out, as well as a treasure trove of interesting backdrops for photos and social media.

"Whether you love the idea of a picture of you looking like you're hanging from the ceiling in a bedroom or you want to go in our rubber ducky tub, people want to live their best life and they want to share it with their friends," Paul said.

But sadly, as in life, happiness is fleeting. Happy Place is only around until Memorial Day weekend.

"Very soon we're going to announce places for where Happy Place is going next. We feel strongly that everyone deserves to be happy and now Happy Place will travel for a long time all around the world."

Happy Place is open seven days a week. Tickets for specific time slots can be purchased in advance at http://www.happyplace.me

You can also purchase tickets on site - SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY - we strongly recommend purchasing your tickets in advance of your visit.

Make sure to tag your photos at Happy Place with the hashtag #EyeOnLA
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