James Torme, son of the Velvet Fog, performs dad's 'The Christmas Song'

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- In July of 1945, the late Mel Torme co-wrote the Christmas classic, "The Christmas Song." Nat King Cole would make it a hit in 1946 and today, the song has been recorded by more than 125 other artists, including Mel Torme's son.

James Torme took to the ice in Pershing Square to sing, and he wasn't alone, to celebrate the 70th anniversary of "The Christmas Song."

"I have enormous pride in my father and his entire era, you know? But what he was able to accomplish, I'm endlessly proud of," he said.

Mel Torme, AKA the Velvet Fog, died in 1999, but his song lives on. It's performed by singers in all different genres and now, by family, too.

"The song that put me through college. But I'm very proud of it and may it continue for another 70 years is what I say," laughed James Torme.

The proud son and musician said he plans to include his version of "The Christmas Song" on his next album.

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