Jason Ritter looks for hope and heart in the new drama 'Kevin (Probably) Saves the World'

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Jason Ritter stars as an unlikely candidate to keep the Earth from being destroyed in ABC's new series, "Kevin (Probably) Saves the World."

In the new ABC series, "Kevin Probably Saves the World," Jason Ritter stars as a man whose life has hit rock bottom. Then, his world suddenly changes.

"He's gone for all material things and has found that it didn't make him any happier in the end, so he's kind of being forced to re-look at his life," Ritter said. "It's a beautiful show about a guy kind of having his eyes open to the world around him."

The drama, comedy, fantasy series gets crazy when a meteor crashes near Kevin's home. And through that event, he meets "Yvette." She's played by Kimberly Hebert Gregory.

Yvette informs Kevin that he's one of 36 people on Earth responsible for keeping hope alive. Oh -- and only he can see her.

"There's a certain fun and joy in imagining that the universe is filled with little secrets and clues and that the energy that you put out has effects in the world around you," said Ritter. "It's comforting."

"Kevin (Probably) Saves the World" premieres Tuesday, Oct. 3 on ABC.
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