Jodie Foster checks in with ensemble cast for thriller 'Hotel Artemis'

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Jodie Foster returns to the big screen in the sci-fi action thriller, "Hotel Artemis." It's her first feature film role in five years.

Her character runs an underground hospital for criminals. "Hotel Artemis" takes place in 2028 in Downtown Los Angeles. The most violent riot in L.A. history is taking place, with protesters demanding just one thing: clean water.

Foster says she chose the role because the film just felt right.

"Yeah, you kind of never know. I think you just love something and if you feel that way about it and if you feel passionate and obsessed with it, then there must be a reason," said Foster. "I think I've learned that. It's taken me many years to learn that passion and that obsession and that instinct is really the thing that you need to bite onto more than anything that happens from the neck up."

Playing Foster's right hand man: actor and former wrestler Dave Bautista, who says working with the Oscar winner really upped his game.

"I wanted that. I crave that," said Bautista. "I knew that this was going to be like a full-on really heavy, heavy -- this was going to college for me, you know?"

"We have a moment where we have to say goodbye, where both of us know that the two of us could die separately and then we had kind of this big hug where I come up to about here on his bicep -- this big bicep in my face!" laughed Foster. "And I just, it tears me up. I literally well up every time I think of it."

"Hotel Artemis" is rated R and is in theaters June 8.
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