Judge: Casey Kasem must be fed, hydrated, medicated

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- A Los Angeles judge ruled Monday that ailing radio personality Casey Kasem should be fed, hydrated and medicated while a court-appointed attorney evaluates his health.

Kasem was in critical condition at a Washington state hospital, suffering from dementia and symptoms similar to Parkinson's disease. The 82-year-old was admitted to a hospital with an infected bedsore last week.

His daughter Kerri Kasem was named temporary conservator last month and began end-of-life measures after doctors determined that feeding, hydrating and medicating him was causing him pain, her lawyer said.

Outside a Los Angeles court, Jean Kasem, Casey Kasem's wife, accused her stepdaughter of wrongfully trying to end her father's life against his wishes.

"No one has the right to take somebody else's life," Jean Kasem said. "Only God can take your life."

Jean Kasem has also accused Kerri Kasem of trying to speed up her father's death so she could receive her share of his estate, a claim that was denied.

The "American Top 40" host set aside $2 million for Kerri Kasem and her two siblings from a previous marriage, Jean Kasem's attorney Steve Haney said. A daughter of Jean and Casey Kasem was also added to the trust, Kerri Kasem's publicist Danny Deraney said.

Kerri Kasem, her siblings and their uncle said in a statement: "We have been at the hospital by his side, sleeping in his room for nine days during this difficult time. We wish Jean would come back to Washington and be by his side in his last moments."

Jean Kasem, however, is expected to be back in court Friday. His attorney is filing a petition requesting she be appointed temporary conservator.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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