Kathy Bates joins Billy Bob Thornton in raunchy 'Bad Santa 2'

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Thirteen years after Billy Bob Thornton starred in the raunchy R-rated comedy "Bad Santa," he's back in that red suit.

Kathy Bates plays Thornton's foul-mouthed criminal mother.

"She made me blush and that's not easy, but Kathy's always made me blush from the first moment I met her over 20 years ago," Thornton said of his co-star.

Like the original, "Bad Santa 2" features comedy you may consider beyond politically incorrect -- and that's the point.

"I think once you reach a certain level of raunchiness, you can't go further. It's all about the same," Thornton added.

Bates was up for the comedy challenge, with the exception of one scene you will see in the movie.

"The only thing that made go, 'What?' -- I'm sitting on a toilet watching "Bachelor," she said. "And I'm sitting there thinking, 'You're classically trained. You won an Oscar. Come on, what are you doing?' You know, so you just have to kind of get in the spirit of the movie and just go for it."

"Bad Santa 2" also stars Tony Cox, Brett Kelly and "Mad Men's" Christina Hendricks.
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