Oscars 2020: Mayes C. Rubeo makes history as first Latina nominee for Best Costume Design

HOLLYWOOD, LOS ANGELES -- There was a "first" at this year's Oscar nomination announcement: Mayes C. Rubeo is the first Latina ever nominated for a Best Costume Design Oscar. Rubeo is nominated for her work in writer-director Taika Waititi's "Jojo Rabbit. "

Rubeo likes to get creative when she's putting together the wardrobes for the cast members in her movies. She and her team searched far and wide, and used fabrics new and old, when making their eclectic choices for this film.

"I went through my collection of textiles that I own throughout the years, and get the best ones appropriate for the fashion period," said Rubeo. "We went to a vintage store in Berlin, then in Rome, in L.A., in Prague, everywhere. "

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Rubeo grew up in Mexico, then came to L.A. and studied costuming at Los Angeles Trade Technical College and UCLA.

In her two decade career, she's worked on films as varied as Mel Gibson's "Apocalypto", and Marvel's "Thor: Ragnarok", with her "Jojo Rabbit" director, Taika Waititi.

One thing is clear: Rubeo enjoys taking risks.

"I do, I've very instinctive in my life. I follow my gut feeling," said Rubeo. "The moment that I divert from that, things go wrong. So I learned to really follow my instinct and go for it and it has always worked for me."

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