Mother-daughter bond proves strong in new Melissa McCarthy comedy 'Life of the Party'

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Actress Melissa McCarthy has a new movie out that's a perfect fit for Mother's Day weekend.

In her new mom-com, "Life of the Party," McCarthy plays a woman whose husband unceremoniously dumps her. She decides to make lemonade out of lemons and heads back to college to finish school.

Her character decides to go to the same college as her daughter, who actually warms to the idea of sharing this time with mom.

"I didn't want to show another relationship where the mom and daughter are always at odds," McCarthy said. "I think sometimes that's what the story's about but it's like you almost always see where the daughter is just eye-rolling, and I was like, there's three women right here who are super close and love their moms, and I would love to go to school with my mom, so I thought let's show another side of it."

McCarthy co-wrote the screenplay with her husband Ben Falcone. They both also produced the film. And if Ben wasn't busy enough, he also stepped behind the camera to direct!

"Melissa and I working together, we get an incredible amount of joy," Falcone said. "We know that the ride won't go on forever so why not enjoy it every step of the way? And make sure that every... we try to make every movie its own little family, its own little party."

Molly Gordon plays Melissa's daughter and Gillian Jacobs plays a fellow college student. Both actresses say there was no question McCarthy could fit in with the college crowd.

"Melissa's really hip, I feel like she made us more hip," Gordon said.

Even though Melissa's character seems to have a closet filled with novelty sweaters and bedazzled sweatshirts.

"My Midwestern roots, guys," joked McCarthy, who grew up in Illinois. "We can wear a themed sweatshirt. It's my people's strength."

"Life of the Party" is rated PG-13 and also stars Maya Rudolph, Julie Bowen and Matt Walsh.
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