'Nashville' guest star Nick Jandl discusses season finale cliffhangers

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- As Dr. Caleb Rand, actor Nick Jandl is trying to win the heart of sweet Scarlett on the television show "Nashville."

He's "gunning" for her affection, but what if she still has feelings for her old love, Gunner?

"The love triangle, above everything else, is so juicy. Scarlett and Gunner have so much history together, and I'm coming in from left field and mixing it up," he said.

In real life, Jandl is starting to help plan his own wedding, and he plays piano and writes music unlike his character who focuses on medicine.

Jandl is also writing a TV pilot, although he hopes he's back on "Nashville" if it returns for a fourth season.

This season ends with a cliffhanger, or multiple cliffhangers, according to Jandl.

"There's a line that I have to say in the finale that indicates something super serious has happened, but Callie Khouri, the creator, and the writer of the final wasn't able to tell me what that serious thing was," Jandl said.

This season of "Nashville" ends on May 13.
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