An unlikely meeting sparks much needed friendship in new movie 'Papi Chulo'

HOLLYWOOD (KABC) -- In the new movie "Papi Chulo," Matt Bomer plays a weatherman who's ordered to take some time off to deal with something heartbreaking he's been going through. He finds a friend in a day laborer he hires to fix his patio. Alejandro Patino is Bomer's co-star.

"When I read the script, I said, 'Wow, this is magic.' You know, it's one of those scripts that when you got in your hand, you're going, I see it," said Patino. "I grounded the character in reality instead of our typical characterizations that Hollywood gives us."

Instead of paying this new acquaintance to repair his patio, Bomer's character pays him to be his companion and just hang out.

"It's definitely a buddy movie," said Bomer. "It's a comedy about loneliness and it's definitely got its dramatic moments, too. But I think the center of the film is the relationship of these two characters. I think if you don't have that, then the movie doesn't work on any level."

"Papi Chulo" was filmed in several familiar L.A. locations. Well, familiar to some!

"Some of the locations we were in, I didn't even know about in L.A," laughed Bomer. "I didn't know that you could go boating in Echo Park Lake so after we wrapped, I took our kids there. I went on the same hike we went on in Griffith Park. I was basically stalking our movie after we were done!"

"Papi Chulo" is rated "R" and is in theaters June 7th.
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