Regal Entertainment Group to test on-demand ticket pricing at movie theaters

DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- In the latest move to save struggling box offices at movie theaters across the country, Regal Entertainment Group is trying a new way to make money.

The company is testing out on-demand ticket pricing. It'll cost more for a popular film, but you could get a discount for a flop.

The idea comes from a partnership with Atom Tickets -- an online ticketing service and app -- backed by Disney, Fox and Lionsgate.

In downtown Los Angeles, the people Eyewitness News spoke to didn't seem too eager to pay more for hit films.

"I'd just rather wait for a movie to come out and buy it, and I'll watch it all day at home instead of just wasting one time," said moviegoer Jennifer Martinez.

Because of poor box office sales, Regal Entertainment, AMC, Cinemark and IMAX shares have all fallen in 2017.

"The ticket prices are so high already, I'll probably be more inclined to travel to a cheaper theater," said Rodney Gurdal of the on-demand ticket pricing.

There's not a lot of details out yet on where the testing will take place, but Regal Entertainment plans to try it out at the beginning of 2018.
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