Ridley Scott's legacy cemented in Hollywood

HOLLYWOOD, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Ridley Scott, the director and producer behind classics like "Blade Runner" and "Alien" is now part of Hollywood history, after his hand and foot prints were encased in cement at the TCL Chinese Theatre.

Scott said the thrill of Hollywood has never waned for him.

"I'm still learning and still curious, after 40 years in film," he said. "Which honestly has felt like a blink in time for me. I don't feel I've ever worked a day in my life. To me it's one big holiday. I just adore it."

Harrison Ford, who starred in Scott's original "Blade Runner" and is reprising his role in an upcoming sequel, said working on the film was a great learning experience.

"He is an artist," Ford said. "He lives his life that way. Much to our benefit and his credit"

Among his other notable films are "Thelma & Louise," "Gladiator," "Black Hawk Down" and "American Gangster."

He has been nominated for Academy Awards four times for directing or producing and has won two Emmys for television work.

Scott's latest film, "Alien: Covenant" opens in theaters this weekend.
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