'Whiskey Cavalier' stars Scott Foley and Lauren Cohan are a match made in dramedy heaven

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Former "Scandal" star Scott Foley is back on ABC with "Whiskey Cavalier." He plays an FBI Agent. The show's leading lady, played by "Walking Dead" star Lauren Cohan, is CIA. It's a match made in light one-hour drama heaven.

Foley's character's code name is the show's title "Whiskey Cavalier." He's a top notch agent who is trying to get over a recent break-up. Cohan's code name is "Fiery Tribune", and she's a top CIA operative who enters "Cavalier's" life quite unexpectedly.

While the show is a considered a light drama reminiscent of maybe "Moonlighting" or "Remington Steele", there is also plenty of action, intrigue, even very serious subject matter along the way.

"We do our best to deliver a show that we like, the kind of show that we would watch," said Foley. "And I don't think I'm that different from anybody else. So if I would watch it, I think they would, too. I'm of the belief that we are all pretty similar."

"When you work as hard as we do and you enjoy it as much as we do, you just hope that it's infectious and you hope that everybody else does," said Cohan.

The characters are teamed up and sent out on dangerous missions to help save the world. And that means the actors have to be in very good physical shape!

"Oh, we do a good job at faking that. We work so much. I haven't been inside a gym in six months. We do a lot of stunt training-it's tough!" laughed Foley.

"Whiskey Cavalier" airs Wednesdays at 10pm on ABC.
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