Seattle man gets rapper Sir Mix-A-Lot's former cellphone number

SEATTLE -- Have you ever gotten a new cellphone number, and you start getting texts and calls from people you don't know?

It happened to a lawyer in Seattle with amazing consequences, as he had acquired the former cellphone number of rapper Sir Mix-A-Lot.

Jonathan Nichols found himself in a bit of a mix-up with the "Baby Got Back" artist when he started being inundated with some very big offers.

"I used to get a lot of calls from luxury car dealers who were trying to sell me a Ferrari or Lamborghini," he said.

He had no idea why he was getting the calls, until one day, he received a voice message from a woman.

"This used to be Sir Mix-A-Lot's number," she said in the voicemail. "If somebody calls saying they are Snoop Dogg, they really are."

That's when he realized he had inherited the number of the rapper behind the hit song. And Sir Mix-A-Lot had some sage advice.

"He's probably getting insane photos and strange happy birthday songs and all kinds of stuff," he said. "He can always forward the ladies' pics to me, and I'll take that off his hands. That should alleviate about 80 percent of the problem."

But Jonathan says that he's happy to have the famous number and wouldn't think of changing it.

"It's my fun, quirky fact for an icebreaker," he said. "When I say I have Sir Mix-A-Lot's old phone number, it's kind of a mic drop moment."

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