Former 'View' co-host Sherri Shepherd deemed mother of baby born through surrogate

Former "View" co-host Sherri Shepherd has been ruled the legal mother and was deemed financially responsible for a baby born through a surrogate with her now ex-husband Lamar Sally.

Pennsylvania Judge Stanley Ott ordered Tuesday Shepherd as the legal mother of 8-month-old Lamar Sally, Jr. after a lengthy legal battle.

The public defender's office "felt very strongly that the baby, known as LJ (Lamar, Jr.), under the circumstances, deserved the benefit, protection, and comfort of and from the two persons, Lamar and Sherri who caused him to be brought into this world," said attorney Craig Bluestein, who represented the baby.

Sally told PEOPLE that Shepherd had a drastic change of heart months into the surrogate's pregnancy.

Previously, the surrogate Jessica Bartholomew was listed as the baby's legal mother, causing the state of California to initiate child support action against her, PEOPLE reported. Shepherd will now be listed on Lamar Sally, Jr.'s birth certificate.

"After providing Sherri and Lamar with a beautiful child, it was quite unfair and difficult for her (Bartholomew) to have been placed in this position," Bluestein said.
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