SoCal social media prankster becomes subject of investigation

NEWHALL, SANTA CLARITA (KABC) -- Social media videos of a Southern California teen going on a rampage and committing illegal pranks are the subject of a sheriff's department investigation.

In a social media video, it starts out like a high school prank, but the Hart High School student crosses the line into criminality as he goes into the kitchen of a Newhall-area Popeye's, steals several pieces of chicken and walks out.

The owner of the restaurant spoke with the Santa Clarita Valley Signal but didn't want to be shown on camera.

"I think there's no respect in other people's property and worth and businesses right now," he said.

The video was one of several recently posted to Instagram, which show the teen making a mess in a 7-Eleven store, stealing a pizza from a Dominos delivery driver, taking a bowling pin from the Valencia Lanes bowling alley and heading into a liquor store, tearing the place apart.

The Santa Clarita Sheriff's Department said they are aware of the situation and are investigating.

Eyewitness News spoke with the boy's mother Wednesday night. She said she didn't want her son or herself to be seen on camera.

She said she's not happy with the videos, and she's spoken to the store owners and wants to make things right. She also said she's disappointed that social media fame is a goal of today's adolescents.

The teen's classmates agreed with that sentiment.

"They see on Instagram, like, other people doing it and so they think it's funny and they think they're going to get famous off of this. It's serious. Yeah, people think it's funny, but it can cause you serious consequences," said Hart High School senior Luis Valadez.

Some classmates also said the boy has gotten in trouble with the law in the past. The boy's mother said she did not want to comment on that.
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