Sofia Carson juggles entertainment, charity

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Actress and singer Sofia Carson is juggling her movie and music career, but has also found time to give back.

Carson will be headlining the 8th annual T.J. Martell Family Day at the Grove on Saturday to help raise money for pediatric cancer.

"They've actually raised about a billion dollars so far in cancer research so it really is absolutely incredible, the work that they do," Carson said.

This event follows the release of her latest single "Ins and Outs," which is about a girl who asks the boy she loves to be unafraid and vulnerable with him as she will love him no matter what.

Carson said that she wants people to be connected to her music and the meaning behind her songs.

"There's definitely a lot of personal things involved in your music," Carson said. "It's like sharing a piece of your heart with the world."

Carson is heading to Japan to promote her last movie, "Descendants 2." Her next project is in the works, but she cannot say too much about it just yet.

"I've always wanted the projects that I'm involved with to be in line with my values and my morals and to be able to say something that matters--especially to young girls," Carson said. "So this project, in particular, really spoke to me and when I release it, you'll understand why."
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