Stan Lee's Comic Con kicks off in Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- The comic craze shows no signs of slowing down and Stan Lee's Comic Con is the next stop for fans who just can't get enough.

Just ask Claudia Magallon. "I've been a big fan all my life. I want an autograph and this is my chance right now," said Magallon.

The weekend convention will include appearances by a number of comic legends, but Comikaze CEO Keith Tralins admits Stan Lee is the key to the convention. "We have the creator of Deadpool too, but Stan is the man," said Tralins.

Of course the fans and their elaborate costumes are a big part of the show too, and what better place to perfect your look?

Merchants like Steve Chiang say it's all about living your fantasy. "Where else can they dress up and wear their costume? People see you as a celebrity," said Chiang.

A massive industry flourishes around the iconic characters of Comic Con, and many of them were created by the star of the show, Stan Lee.
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