Take the Jimmy Kimmel Juice Test

It seems crazy to pay $8 for a bottle of juice, but many Los Angeles area health nuts are happy to spend their cash on what has become the latest health craze, cold-pressed juice. Jimmy Kimmel is out to prove though that the cold-pressed juice fad may need to be squashed.

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Jimmy Kimmel's crew set up a booth for a fake juice company at the historic Farmer's Market off of 3rd and Fairfax in Los Angeles. Kimmel made up his own line of juice, dubbed "juce," and produced its debut flavor ("Soul") with the finest and healthiest ingredients he could find: Fun Dip and water. He also created "Cure," which was nothing but Tang powdered juice; "Rainbow," a.k.a. Skittles blended together; and "Detox," which was just melted popsicles.

    "Like a deep breath, you know, it just feels refreshing," said one participant after drinking Kimmel's juice made out of Fun Dip.

    "It's not particularly sour, so I wouldn't really call it tangy, it's a little bit more muted than tangy, but definitely very light, very summer," one participant replied after being given a juice made out of Tang.

    "I could go for a jog right now, I feel great,"said one juicer after drinking a concoction made of melted creamsicles.

Check out the funny faux-juicers in the video above.

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