Todd Fisher remembers mother, sister in new book 'My Girls'

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Todd Fisher views his new book "My Girls" as a long love letter and thank-you note to the two most important women in his life: his mother Debbie Reynolds and his sister Carrie Fisher.

Both women died in 2016.

Fisher writes about his life with Reynolds, detailing his mother's three failed marriages and the financial toll they all took on her.

"My mother would love it because there are stories, I think, that she would want told," Fisher said. "She wants me to set the record straight, make no mistake about it."

He also provides candid insight about his sister's struggle with drugs and mental illness.

"What is it like for Debbie and I to be the mother and the brother of the person going through this?" Fisher said. "Now, there is healing in that. Carrie was awesome. She came forward and said 'I am bipolar and it's okay. Don't be ashamed. Rock with it. Let's go. Let's turn pain into art.'"

Fisher devotes plenty of space in "My Girls" to his mother's decades-long quest to find a museum for her prized movie costumes, props and memorabilia.

Reynolds eventually sold it all off at auction instead, losing her dream but making millions.

"We talk about Debbie all the time, so she's not gone," Fisher's wife Catherine Hickland said. "When we talk about her in the past tense, it's hard because she's still very much alive for us."

"My Girls" is available now.
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