3 years after crash, Tracy Morgan returns to big screen in 'Fist Fight'

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After a near-fatal car accident in 2014, Tracy Morgan is returning to film with the comedy "Fist Fight" also starring Charlie Day. (KABC)

Tracy Morgan is back.

After his near-fatal traffic accident in 2014, Morgan took plenty of recovery time before jumping back into show business.

He credits the cast and crew of his new movie, "Fist Fight" with giving him the confidence to return to the entertainment world.

"I didn't know who Tracy was no more," Morgan said. "After you take a bump on the head your memory is gone. I messed up the neurons in your brain that wake you up and put you to sleep. 'Cuz I was in a coma so long. Now you take that and put it on a set? I had to have the right people around me, show me the love."

His "Fist Fight" family included Ice Cube, Charlie Day and director Richie Keen.

They were all thrilled to be on hand for Tracy's return.

"He's pretty much back to the same old Tracy," said Charlie Day. "We're just so lucky to have him. And he brought so much to the movie."

"You think, man, this gotta change you, it's gotta affect you, and then you see him," said Ice Cube. "He's the same old Tracy with the inappropriate jokes, loud. You're like OK, the world is alright."

The R-rated film opens in theaters Feb. 17.
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