True story of survival at sea floats to big screen with 'Adrift'

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Shailene Woodley plays the real-life Tami Ashcraft in the new movie, "Adrift."

Ashcraft was only 24 years old when she was stranded at sea for 41 days. She wrote a book on her survival/love story with her then-fiance, Richard. Sam Claflin plays him in the film.

Just 35 years later, her story was written for the big screen.

"I think that the way that they wove the love story and the adventure -- the survival, the hope at the end of the story -- I think weaving that all together in a tapestry, I think the movie just came together beautifully," said Ashcraft.

She said the two actors really captured the true connection she shared with Richard, but she said something else really brought her back to her experience.

"I think it's the scene when she really realizes...when she comes out of the boat after waking up from being unconscious and comes out on the deck, and she's looking around going, "Oh my God." That just brought me right back down to my knees, you know, because I can just so relate with that," Ashcraft said. "Just re-living with the movie, the day-to-day, what I had to go through just to survive -- that was some of the hardest parts."

Even after all she went through, Ashcraft said the experience was not going to keep her away from the water.

"Oh, I love sailing. I mean, there was just no question that I wouldn't go back out sailing," said Ashcraft. "I mean, even after this happened, I couldn't wait to get back out there in the water, and so, I went back out for many years, and I ended up getting my captain license and doing it more professionally. But, no, I find great peace and joy out on the water."

"Adrift" is rated PG-13 and is in theaters June 1.
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