'Weird Al' gets animated in 'Milo Murphy's Law' role

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Parody musician "Weird Al" Yankovic is jumping into the animation world with the title role in "Milo Murphy's Law" on Disney XD. (KABC)

Parody musician Weird Al Yankovic is known for his comic takes on popular songs and music videos. Now he's jumping into the animation world.

The new Disney XD series "Milo Murphy's Law" is based on the theory that anything that can go wrong will.

The accident-prone young man in the family comedy is voice by Weird Al.

The musician and comedian says he relates to this animated middle schooler's positivity, enthusiasm and spirit.

"This is a kid that by all accounts should be miserable or glum or have a bad attitude because everywhere he goes things fall apart and blow up and things don't go his way. But he expects the unexpected and he's able to overcome any difficulty that comes his way and he's very positive about it, which I love," Yankovic said.

The job itself, he added, is actually easier than some of his other performances.

"I love doing voiceover work and I think the coolest thing is you don't have to shave or shower or comb your hair or do any personal hygiene whatsoever. You could just show up. You don't even have to memorize you just read it off a paper. How easy is that? It's crazy."

"Milo Murphy's Law" will air Monday nights at 8 p.m. on Disney XD.
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