'Wheel of Fortune' host has mini-meltdown when contestants can't figure out puzzle

Pat Sajak has seen just about everything during his 31 years as host of "Wheel of Fortune," but it seems he finally just had enough and couldn't take it anymore while filming a recent episode.


'Wheel' was in Hawaii for "Best Friends Week" and the contestant pairs were struggling with a puzzle under the category "What are you doing?" One contestant shouted out a random guess of "Riding a brown horse," which seemed to fit, although was somewhat overly specific. Needless to say it was wrong. But then the next contestant went with it and guessed "Riding a white horse."

And that's when Sajak lost it.

Sajak throws his hands into the air and storms off the set before spinning around and yelling "Who said anything about a horse?"

Happily, Sajak's exasperation was all in jest and he quickly turned around and returned to the game.

Amazingly, the friends that made the original ridiculous horse guest went on to win the game.
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