YouTube stars make jump to movie screen in 'Bad Night'

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- More than 1 million people subscribe to Lauren Elizabeth Luthringshausen's YouTube channel. Now, this 21-year-old is channeling her talents to acting as one of the stars and one of the producers of the new comedy "Bad Night."

"I started my YouTube channel four years ago, and I've been working really, really hard, especially in the past two years since I've moved to L.A. because I knew I wanted to utilize my YouTube channel as a platform to get me into the entertainment business because I've wanted to act since I was really, really little," Luthringshausen said.

"Bad Night" is about high school students who take a class trip for art history, but when two best friends are mistaken for a couple of famous art thieves, their trip gets way off course.

Luthringshausen co-stars with her real-life best friend, fellow YouTube personality Jenn McAllister.

"I do want to continue acting and doing feature films for the rest of my life," Luthringshausen said. "I'm someone who is very smart and thoughtful, so I'm not rushing into anything. I definitely want to have people see the movie and see what I'm really capable of and take me more seriously."

Luthringshausen says she started her YouTube channel in high school because she didn't know where she fit in, but she does now.

"Bad Night" is available now on Vimeo On Demand.
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