The animals in 'Zootopia' offer plenty of laughs along with a few life lessons

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Disney's 'Zootopia' offers life lessons from the animal kingdom (KABC)

Disney's latest animated movie is essentially a take on the "buddy film"... featuring only animals. All breeds live, work and play together in the modern mammal metropolis, "Zootopia." The film looks at the human experience, through the animals' eyes. Jason Bateman voices the role of a sly fox named Nick Wilde. "Once Upon a Time's" Ginnifer Goodwin plays a good hearted bunny, Judy Hopps, who's also a cop.

"I was so excited to be part of something I feel has incredible themes, you know, messages to glean," said Goodwin. "And I do hope my kids do end up debating things like can you really be anything that you want to be versus do we, is there something to these preconceived notions that people have of us because of where we come from or how we're raised."

Bateman's con-man character offers up plenty of laughs... And that comedy plays on many levels.

"There's certainly plenty in this film that will benefit any kid if they can tune into that frequency," said Bateman. "Or it gives the parents something to kind of talk to them about with a kind of relatable, medicine goes down easy way, you know."

There's also a subtle message that people may pick up on that says it pays to be kind.

"One of my favorite parts about Judy Hopps is she's a butt kicking hero, and yet she's kind and good and generous," said Goodwin. "And to make the world a better place she makes herself better. And I can't find anything more inspiring than that."

'Zootopia' also features the voice work of Idris Elba, Shakira, and J.K. Simmons. It's rated PG for thematic elements, rude humor and action. The film is in theaters on March 4.
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