Missing kayaker rescued after several days adrift in Everglades National Park

COLLIER COUNTY, Fla. -- Deputies with the Collier County Sheriff's Office rescued a Virginia man on Sunday, who went missing while on a kayaking trip in the Everglades National Park.

According to authorities, 67-year-old Mark Miele embarked on a solo kayaking trip in the Everglades on Jan. 22. Miele was due back on Jan. 29 but did not return.

Four days later, his belongings, including his wallet and phone, washed up on the banks of the Lopez River. Park rangers found Miele's belongings and asked the Collier County Sheriff's Office to assist in a search.

Deputies downloaded data from Miele's phone on Sunday night and found his most recent location had been recorded on Friday, giving the sheriff's office an area to target its search.

Shortly before noon Monday, a helicopter crew spotted Miele floating in the water face-up and wearing a lifejacket several miles from where his belongings were found.

The sheriff's office said Mark is safe and is being treated by medical staff at the Physicians Regional Hospital in Naples, Florida.
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