Fitness pro Katie Dunlop has the moves for all ages, small spaces

MALIBU (KABC) -- Katie Dunlop is passionate about working out -- so much so she does it at home daily, sharing the moves with others online through her "Love Sweat Fitness" program.

"Having gone through my own transformation with struggling with how to work out, not being able to afford a gym, not being able to get there, it's amazing to watch it grow," said Dunlop.

Beach, hotel room, apartment, dorm -- she understands small spaces and puts emphasis on body-weight workouts that can be done no matter what your fitness level is or where you are.

You can even get your family into the act.

"There's so many variations, so as long as we can get the posture and the form right so you're not injuring yourself, then anyone can do a push-up or a squat, so that maybe over time maybe they can take it further," said Dunlop.

She offers the basics, then revs them up to show how to make them work for you when you are ready to ramp things up.

For beginners or those with some aches and pains, a squat can be as simple as nearly sitting down and then standing back up, keeping weight on the heels, not the knees. Avoid using arm assistance. Then, kick that up a notch by adding weight or even jumps.

Push-ups can be performed at the countertop level, then lower to a sturdy piece of furniture, then down to the floor on hands and knees. Finally, try hands and toes.

Overhead reach and pulls are easily done at the kitchen counter or bathroom counter, and can be stepped up by adding a wide leg squat, then add weight.

"I encourage using things around the house, or if you do have some weights you can use those too, but for me body weight is key," Dunlop said. Bleach bottles, oversized water jugs, family size soup cans -- you get the picture.

It's not necessarily age but rather fitness level that determines where you start. Try walking through a move for, say, two sets of fifteen. If that's easy try increasing the length of time, intensity, or the number of repetitions.

Go to Dunlop's channel on YouTube to get a free new exercise move every day.
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