'FABLife' aims to put a positive spin on the world of daytime television

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- The members of the trendsetting team from the new series "FABLife" are ready to bring a fresh hour of television to the daytime viewers.

Executive producer Tyra Banks wants to make audiences smile, think, and strive to living their best lives.

Banks hand-picked a group of co-hosts who will help her put a positive spin on the world of daytime television.

"You get to learn something,too," interior designer Lauren Makk said. "It makes you better in the sense that you're walking home, taking away some information that you can actually utilize in your own life."

DIY expert Leah Ashley agrees.

"And we are having so much fun doing it in the process. I mean if we can just have fun with the viewers at home, you know, as much fun as we have on the set I mean, we've done our jobs."

"All of the knowledge we have from all of our world of expertise, we get to do it in an hour of just having the best time and having so much fun," fashion expert Joe Zee said. "We get to sit with you and you guys get to be part of our party every day in your living room. I mean, that's kind of awesome."

Supermodel Chrissy Teigen will be the lifestyle expert in the cooking field.

"That's my space and I'm excited for it," Teigen said. "I love to cook. I cook for maybe ten people, but those people don't really exist so every night I'm cooking but for nobody. I imagine myself, I was really excited for this, to be able to cook at home and be able to bring it to work and actually feed you. That's a big thing for me, too."

FABLife premieres on Monday.
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