The 'Star Trek' kiss that broke ground for race relations

In part 2 of our FACEism series, we look at a controversial 1968 episode of "Star Trek" that featured the first interracial kiss on television.
It was a kiss that changed the world. Or at least started to.

It happened on one of the most imaginative shows in history.

While some celebrated the moment. many others hated it.

All because of the color of their skin.

When Captain Kirk kissed Uhura on "Star Trek" in 1968, it was the first kiss between people of different races on television.

"That was shocking," recalls George Takei, who played Lt. Sulu on the groundbreaking sci-fi show. "That was never done on television"

In the video above, Eyewitness News explores the interracial kiss, the outraged reaction and how mixed couples at that time had to fight for their rights simply to love each other.

It's all part of the "FACEism" series that seeks to examine stereotyping and move toward a better understanding of each other.

See part 1 of the FACEism series, on the history of blackface, here.
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If someone asks "What's wrong with blackface?" a look at the history of segregation and Jim Crow laws in this country may help provide an answer.

The FACEism series will continue Tuesday with a report called "Where are you from?"
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