Dad's hilarious warning to 15-year-old daughter's homecoming date goes viral

Sharee Schock was inspired to create a funny image of her husband, daughter and daughter's date when Dad made the comment, ''Whatever you do to my daughter I will do to you.'' (Sharee Schock/Facebook)

One dad's protective promise to his teenage daughter's boyfriend during a homecoming photo shoot last weekend was so hilarious it just had to be acted out.

"He made the comment 'Whatever you do to my daughter, I'll do to you,'" Sharee Schock told ABC of her husband, Ben. "We kind of giggled."

Ben followed up by wrapping his arms around the daughter's boyfriend, which Schock, a photographer, caught on camera. One thing led to another, and soon Schock, a photographer, had created an image to match that quote with two side-by-side photos: one of the boyfriend's arms wrapped around her daughter, and one with Ben's arms wrapped around the boyfriend.

Schock said both her daughter, 15-year-old Ricarra, and the daughter's boyfriend were on board with the shenanigans. Schock, a mother of four and a full-time photographer, had invited several families from their tight-knit Wisconsin community over to their place to take photos before the dance when Ben initiated the playful moment.

"My husband's a giant child," she said. "We were dying laughing, all the families. There was nothing mean in it."

Ricarra's date was as amused by the photo as anyone, Schock explained. She got a call from her daughter later that night asking Schock to send the photo so the boyfriend could share it.

"The boyfriend had specifically requested it," she said. "He thought it was hilarious."

The teen then proceeded to share the photo with his friends on Instagram with the caption, "Man of his word."

Schock said neither she nor the teenagers expected the photo to resonate with so many people, so having more than 36,000 people like it on Facebook has been a little overwhelming.

"There's 4,000 people in our town," she said, "so they're like celebrities right now."

Photos used with permission. See more of Schock's photography on her Facebook page.
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