Fontana officer helps deliver baby Luna during super blue blood moon

FONTANA, Calif. (KABC) -- There was a super blue blood moon out and little baby Luna just couldn't wait to see it.

On Tuesday, a Fontana woman started going into contractions and was preparing to head to the hospital when her water broke.

She realized Luna was too impatient and she wasn't going to make it to the hospital.

Luckily Fontana police officer Jennie Venzor had arrived and was there to help out with the delivery.

The department says the officer "without having a moment to think, assisted in bringing this 7lb 5 oz. bundle of joy into the world."

Paramedics soon arrived and the woman and her baby were brought to a local hospital, where they were described as happy and well.

"Congratulations Mom and Dad! Great job Officer Venzor!" the department wrote on Facebook.
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