Documentary 'While Time Stands Still' details military wife's life during deployment

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Elena Miliaresis made the documentary "While Time Stands Still" to chronicle the experience of military family members. (KABC)

Elena Miliaresis knows what it's like to have a loved one serve in the military.

Back in 2004, her husband, a Marine, was deployed to Iraq. It was an experience she says took more of a toll on her than on him.

"I think I held my breath for the entire time that he was gone and I thought I would just have this release and everything would be gone. But the fear you have in those times doesn't magically go away," said Miliaresis.

When her husband returned and left the military, Miliaresis was overcome with guilt for families who still had loved ones overseas.

"Is this going to be the day that I'm going to get the worst news of my life? And you're completely helpless in this situation when the person you love most in the world is in danger and you can't do anything about it," recalled Miliaresis.

So Miliaresis, a journalist, made a documentary a few years ago called "While Time Stands Still" to help military families feel less alone and allow others to understand what it's like.

The documentary follows two wives before, during and after their husbands' deployments.

Miliaresis shot and edited the film herself with a tiny budget, but had help from countless volunteers.

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