Pregnant mother cited for disorderly conduct after 3-year-old son relieves himself in public

RICHMOND COUNT, Ga. -- A pregnant mother in Georgia is facing disorderly conduct charges for allowing her 3-year-old son to relieve himself in public.

It happened in a gas station parking lot in Richmond County.

Brooke Johns' toddler son alerted his mother that he needed to use the restroom immediately.

The two barely made it to the parking lot before Brooke realized he wasn't going to make it inside.

Brooke was unable to carry him due to being pregnant and just weeks away from giving birth.

So, she did what she thought was the next best thing, and covered her son as he urinated in the parking lot.

The incident was noticed by a Richmond County deputy, and she was cited for disorderly conduct.

The incident has sparked a backlash on social media, particularly from parents.

Johns is scheduled to appear in court -- days before her delivery date.
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