Consumer, shopping, virtual activity tips and more resources amid coronavirus pandemic

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- We've compiled a list of educational resources, activities, consumer advice, safety resources and more need-to-know info while you stay at home in SoCal with your family. Click here to see fun ideas to keep your family entertained while you're at home.


How to stay safe when going out in public for essentials

COVID-19 food safety tips

Amazon stops accepting new grocery delivery customers amid surging demand

How to get the grocery delivery time you want

Coronavirus update: Safety tips for food delivery amid COVID-19 pandemic

Protect yourself: Better Business Bureau warns of coronavirus-related scams

How to change your travel plans amid the global COVID-19 outbreak

Hair dye becoming next high-demand item amid COVID-19 pandemic

Here's how to preserve groceries longer


No Sew Face Mask

How to make face masks from materials found at home

From scarves to HEPA filters, what kind of face covering is best?

SoCal fabric stores see increased traffic as demand for supplies surge amid face mask requirements

Tips to cutting your own hair during coronavirus shelter-in-place

Mom shares fun tie-dying tips for kids


Families First Coronavirus Response Act: Here's how the new paid sick leave requirements work

Can't stop worrying about the coronavirus? Find time to unplug, experts say

How to stock up for coronavirus: What you need, and why you shouldn't panic-buy

Kids in coronavirus quarantine: How to keep children comfortable, entertained

Would you give up personal data to return to work amid coronavirus pandemic?


Outdoor activities: What's open, what's closed in SoCal

Can pets contract COVID-19?

Tips for parents on speaking to children about coronavirus

How long does coronavirus live on surfaces? Could be as long as 2 to 3 days

Tips for deep cleaning your home to stay safe from coronavirus

Protect yourself: Better Business Bureau warns of coronavirus-related scams


When will schools reopen? Here's the latest from LAUSD

Coronavirus impact: Free online activities, virtual museum tours during COVID-19 pandemic

MAINTAINING LEARNING: Free educational resources for kids stuck at home during COVID-19
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