Watch one second from each day of infant's first year in incredible video

A lot can happen in a baby's first year on Earth. To keep the memory of that special year alive, these parents captured one second of every day of their daughter's first 365 days.

Beginning in September 2014, Yahli Adler's parents filmed one second of her day every single day. They compiled those moments into an incredible video where you can see Yahli grow, laugh and learn.

"We decided that we needed to do something both creative and a bit different to remember this period," Yahli's parent Shalhevet Reinman-Adler said in the video's description. "Since we already had a stop motion pregnancy video for Amit, our firstborn, this time we would focus on Year One of childhood."

Reinman-Adler said that she was inspired to create the video based off similar items she had seen online.

"Whether its [sic] a mundane day where Yahli just lounges around, or an active day at the beach, we tried to capture the year long excitement and significance of growing up from zero to one."
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