A fascial massage may help relieve pain and increase energy

Tuesday, September 11, 2018
A 'fascial massage' may help relieve pain and increase energy
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Whether you workout or are perhaps a bit sedentary, your body may need some relief and relaxation through a fascial massage.

While fascia is quite the buzzword, to many it remains an enigma.

Aaron Porter, a fascial massage therapist, said fascia is the soft tissue component of your connective tissue that surrounds and is woven into your muscles, ligaments, tendons, even organs. If it is tense and tight, most likely you are, too.

"Inside our fascia we actually have receptors that give us a sensation of well-being, and if we mobilize the tissue, you're going to feel calmer and you're going to feel more energetic, actually do more things like exercise," Porter said.

So while we're more relaxed, we're able to move more freely, something almost all of us could do more of.

"We want motion in the tissue, so motion is lotion, moving the body through tons of planes of motion to actually free up the body, free up the joints," Porter said.

Golfer Mike Wolf gets a fascial massage to help his game. Marcy Mccusker went from being a dancer to having children. She feels it helps her be a better mom. While Hayley Murillo is more confident in her CrossFit competitions.

"I am at the level where that last one percent matters, and I feel like I wasn't stretching enough or recovering enough," Murillo said.

Porter maintains our fast-paced, high stress life puts strain on our system, but fascial massage can help lower blood pressure to help us feel more grounded and relaxed.

Porter, a licensed massage therapist, can do these treatments at home or studio at $150 a session.

If you can't make it to Porter, he suggests you do a little homework.

First up, Jill Miller's program The Roll Model, using a pictorial book along with various sizes and tensions of balls.

There is also The MELT method, which uses a soft foam roller, balls for the hands and feet and an app to help you out.

Giving your fascia some love can certainly do your mind and your body some good.