Watch 100 years of Mexican beauty in less than a minute

In the latest installment of Cut's "100 Years of Beauty" series, journey through the changing faces (and hairstyles!) of women considered beautiful in Mexico. (Cut Video/YouTube)

There's something fascinating about watching the way a culture's perception of beauty can change over time. This latest time-lapse video about Mexican beauty in the "100 Years of Beauty" series is no exception.

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As they have with other cultures, the production company Cut enlisted expert hair and makeup artists to create a typical "beautiful" look in Mexico during each decade from the past century.

From the braided up-do and sombrero of the 1910s, to the sultry femininity of the 1950s, to the volumized waves of the 2010s, the concept of beauty has clearly changed over time in Mexico as much as in the other places the series has highlighted.

This is the fifth episode after American beauty, white compared to black in American beauty, North compared to South Korean beauty and Iranian beauty.

Which culture's perceptions of beauty should they profile next? Share your ideas in the comments.

Photos used with permission.

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