Balenciaga is selling a 'T-shirt shirt' worth $1290

High-end luxury clothing is not exactly known for casual wear, but Balenciaga's latest shirt offers a little something for every man trying to keep it both casual and formal.

The Spanish fashion brand is selling what it calls a "T-shirt shirt," or what can be described as a T-shirt with an attached long-sleeve shirt dangling off the front.

And the price of the shirt cost more than a pretty penny. It is listed at $1290 on the company's website.

Buying the shirt does get you two shirts for the price of one as the outfit is reversible. Wearing the T-shirt gives what Balenciaga calls a "front drape effect," and wearing the formal shirt gives the "back drape effect."

The shirt has stirred up a buzz on social media with people branding the shirt as bizarre and mocking it.

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