Fashion gadgets, apps to help you turn heads

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Not all of us can be world famous supermodels, but with some tech-inspired fashion, you're sure to turn heads. Here's a list of some gadgets and apps that will make you a tiger on the catwalk.

Feel the burn without frying your fashion. Sensoria's Bluetooth-enabled Smart Sock is like a personal running coach. Its pressure sensors and anklet read your speed and distance.

The Adidas miCoach Training Shirt will win your heart -- and then monitor it as you work out.

Go from sham to glam. Sun-activated garments by Rainbow Winters change color when in sunlight.

No budget for beauty? It's OK! Use the app Closet Space to upload and organize your wardrobe, and get style ideas from the pros. Use the app The Hunt to have fellow fashionistas help you with your wardrobe.

Then, when your look is ready to rock, post it on Pose to get feedback.

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