Quadruple amputee gets chance to walk the runway with help of fashion designer

Karen Crespo has faced a lot of physical challenges in her life. But none have stopped her from being beautiful.

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The video above depicts Crespo's life after losing her limbs in a battle with bacterial meningitis. Crespo faced even more tragedy after a shipment containing $100,000 of prosthetic limbs was stolen off her doorstep. Crespo though found solace and inspiration through fashion designer Carrie Hammer and her Role Models not Runway Models fashion line. The line included the first ever model in a wheelchair on the runway.

Crespo reached out to Carrie, and the designer offered Crespo the opportunity to model in her Fall runway show. Hammer also worked to have Crespo's prosthetic arms replaced in time for the show on September 5th. Judging by the video below, Crespo was incredibly glamorous, showing off her red dress in full confidence on the runway.

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