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The ''100 Years of Beauty'' series takes us through time with Italian makeup and hair trends through the years. (Cut Video/YouTube)

When you think of Italian beauty, you might first think of fashion. But as the latest video in the "100 Years of Beauty" series shows, what you wear can influence other aspects of beauty.

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The time-lapse takes you through popular makeup and hairstles in every decade since the 1910s. Cut Video highlights perceptions of beauty in a particular culture in each of its "100 Years of Beauty" videos.

Just like in other cultures, perceptions of Italian beauty have at times been influenced by social and political events, like World War II. Unlike in many of the videos that came before it, though, the name of the game is fashion.

PHOTOS: 100 Years of Italian Beauty

Valentino, Armani, Versace and other Italian designers had influence on hair and makeup in decades during which their clothes were popular because they wanted these aspects to complement the clothes. Some of these designers, like Armani, branched out into the hair and makeup markets themselves, Cut Video explained in its research.

Italy is the ninth culture to have been highlighted in the series. Past videos have featured Indian beauty, Russian beauty and African American beauty. The original "100 Years of Beauty" video now has more than 24 million views on YouTube.

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