Father-son store owners fight off armed robbers

ARLINGTON, Texas (KABC) -- A pair of would-be armed robbers got quite the surprise after a store owner and his son decided to fight back.

Surveillance video shows the armed suspects trying to rob a cellphone store in Arlington, Texas.

One man pulls out a gun and jumps over the store counter.

That's when the store owner's son went after him, grabbing onto the suspect and wrestling him to the ground.

His father joined in the fight, even when the second suspect aimed a gun at them.

That second suspect then decided to run out the front door.

Eventually the first suspect also managed to get up and, even with the store owner and son trying to hold on tight, he was able to escape.

The store owner said he wasn't sure during the robbery if it was a real gun.

But the suspects left a gun behind at the store when they fled and police said it was real and fully loaded.

Police warn the public to not try to fight armed suspects.
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