Easter shoppers dealing with higher ham and gas prices

GLENDALE, Calif. (KABC) -- From ham to eggs to gas -- prices are changing as we head into Easter weekend.

With Easter Sunday less than two days away, Jose Lopez headed to the Honey Baked Ham store in Glendale first thing Friday morning.

"It's a tradition in the family to have ham every year," said Lopez.

Although shoppers at the Honey Baked store say they haven't noticed a price change compared to last year, the average price for boneless hams in the U.S. last month hit $4.31 a pound -- that's the highest since March 2015. Edith Knapp said she has noticed a gradual increase over the years.

"We love the Honey Baked ham no matter how it creeps up. It was $52, $54 some years ago and now it's $68," said Edith Knapp, who spent the day shopping for Easter.

Pork prices have jumped globally because of African swine fever that has killed pigs in China. This holiday weekend, another cost on the minds of those traveling to be with family, the price of gas.

"I don't have a choice. It's part of my job is driving," said Michael Powell, who spends hours in his truck everyday for his job in property maintenance.

The current average for a gallon of regular gas is roughly $4. That's up $.50 from where we were last year.

"What they're charging us, do you see the streets getting fixed? No. Where's the money going?" Powell said.

Some good news for those out shopping for eggs: An increase in the supply of eggs has brought prices down during the two-week period leading up to Easter.

"Then I'll eat a lot more eggs," Knapp laughed. "I love eggs anyway. Make some potato salad or something."
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