VIDEO: Another gas pump appears to overcharge for fuel in Fontana

FONTANA, Calif. (KABC) -- For the second time this week, a customer was charged for fuel that wasn't pumping at a Southern California gas station.

The latest incident happened at an Arco station in Fontana.

Ryan Siegfried says after he finished filling up his gas tank at the station, the meter at pump 11 continued to charge him.

"I am taking it out and it is still charging," he says in a video recorded at the time.

Siegfried says while he was only charged an extra 31 cents, this is not the first time it's happened to him.

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Ryan Siegfried recorded this video of a pump at a Fontana Arco station continuing to charge him after it was turned off. He says he was overcharged by 31 cents.

In fact, other customers have seen it happen too.

Earlier this week, a customer at an Arco station in Hacienda Heights recorded the meter continuing to charge for fuel after the pump was off.

That customer said he complained to the clerk and showed him the video, but he was not given a refund.

After Eyewitness News aired the story, the customer said the gas station decided to refund his money.

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A gas station customer captured video at an Arco AM-PM in Hacienda Heights, appearing to show the gas pump continue to charge for fuel that was not being pumped.

Video of that earlier incident had motorists like Juan Razo paying close attention at the pump.

"I think the way gas prices are rising you need to keep an eye on that, because not to sound frugal but you need to save wherever you can," said the Pomona resident.

Both customers who posted video about the incidents say they alerted Arco's management.

But there's one more step that most people are unaware of when it come to this problem.

Every pump in California has an inspection sticker. Each county has a Weights and Measures agency that is tasked with inspecting gas pumps annually for accuracy.

"It is up to the gas stations to make sure their equipment is working properly but they might not be aware it's not working properly unless a consumer brings it to their attention," said David Wert, a spokesman for San Bernardino County government.

Wert says meter issues are fairly common and easily solved.

"The county will immediately come out look at the pump and shut it down until it is repaired."

Eyewitness News reached out to Arco. The company says its stations are individually owned, but it is working with the operators to fix the problems and reimburse customers.
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