Things to know about fire smoke

DIAMOND BAR, Calif. (KABC) -- You don't have to be near a brush fire to feel and see the effects of it because smoke can make its way into your community and cause health problems.

The dramatic Canyon Fire 2 fight means smoke is visible for miles, and it's something Jo Kay Ghosh is monitoring closely at the South Coast Air Quality Management District office in Diamond Bar.


"The increase in the air pollution due to the wildfires can cause respiratory conditions and can also exacerbate heart problems in some people," she said.


Ghosh recommends avoiding outdoor exercise or you may experience difficulty breathing or burning in the eyes, nose or throat.


She added that those closest to the fire should stay indoors.

"If you smell smoke in the air due to the wildfires, you can stay indoors to limit your exposure -- of course close your doors and windows -- and you can also run your air conditioning if you have one, making sure that your fresh air intake is closed and your air filter is clean," she added.

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