Woman claims Fitbit exploded on her wrist

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Sunday, April 23, 2017
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A Wisconsin woman said she suffered second-degree burns after her Fitbit device exploded.

MILWAUKEE -- A Wisconsin woman said she sustained second-degree burns after her Fitbit fitness tracker exploded on her wrist.

Diana Mitchell had only owned her Fitbit Flex 2 for two weeks when the alleged incident occurred as she was reading a book. She said there was no indication that there was anything wrong with the device.

"The Fitbit itself is totally melted. The bracelet melted, and I got pieces of plastic burned into my arm," she told WTMJ-TV.

Mitchell said her doctor had to pick pieces of plastic out of her wound. A local emergency care provider confirmed that Mitchell was treated the day after she said the explosion occurred.

The Fitbit does come with a warning, cautioning consumers that "the device contains electrical equipment that could cause injury if not handled properly."

Fitbit officials have issued a statement saying that they are investigating the incident. They said they are not aware of any similar complaints.