Fitness tool R3BAR aims to boost strength, flexibility

Wednesday, July 25, 2018
Fitness tool R3BAR aims to boost strength, flexibility
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The R3BAR is a six-pound fitness bar with resistance bands that aims to improve strength, flexibility and balance.

Fitness pro Susan Howard is instructing the Beverly Hills Fencers Club with a new fitness tool called R3BAR.

It was designed by a group of Seattle athletes to work on strength, flexibility, balance and even cardio.

"Finding a new way of igniting body awareness," said Howard.

The six-pound bar is attached with resistant bands that come in three different strengths, but most find the basic or beginning bands are hard enough.

"I thought it was going to be a super light bar, but after three minutes of holding it it was like 'uh can I put the bar down?'" said Palisadian Missy Romoff.

While your arms and legs are doing a lot it's actually your core or the center of the body that has to do a load of work.

"Core stability is everything and creating that kinetic chain so you have that power," said Howard.

Howard says think of your body as a building that you're constructing brick by brick. It is important that foundation stay strong and centered.

The workout is challenging. You can both visually and tactically feel when you are out of alignment - a bonus for the novice or someone sedentary.

"I'm really trying as an older person to get in shape now. I didn't like the traditional gym," said Carla Corbit of the Beverly Hills Fencers Club.

"My mom, she's 80, she tried it. She said, 'This is amazing for balance. So many of my friends need this,'" said Howard.

R3BAR is sold online and has instructional videos on its website and Instagram. Howard teaches small group trainings here in Los Angeles to give you an opportunity to try before you buy. At $249, it might be smart to take a test drive.