Unruly passenger forces Frontier flight from NYC to divert to North Carolina

NORTH CAROLINA -- A plane was diverted to a North Carolina airport on Wednesday evening because of an unruly passenger.

Airport officials said the Frontier Airlines flight was on the way from an airport in New York to Orlando when it had to be re-routed and landed in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Frontier Flight 1335 spent about two hours on the ground at Raleigh-Durham International Airport and then resumed its journey to Orlando.

It started when a passenger began loudly complaining, claiming the woman in the seat behind him was sticking him with a needle to steal his DNA, according to a passenger onboard.

He became more agitated and allegedly began threatening other passengers, including a baby, and said he would kill everyone on board.

The man was eventually restrained by six other passengers aboard the flight.

Law enforcement, fire rescue, and EMS responders were waiting for the flight to land.

The unruly passenger was escorted off the plane, but no other details were immediately available.
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